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I finally fixed some things and feel maybe motivated.

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A moment's tale about Eve Online

Hi there!

So I've been playing Eve Online really a lot for the last, I dunno, 5 months or so? It's SOOOO much fun I love it a lot.

So I played this MMORPG strategy 2d space game (sort of a sandbox game, it is a little bit) called Astro Empires for 10 years, no shit. I am PRO at Astro Empires, that's all I will say about that haha.. Anyways so I already really like these types of games and I'm all about my "Hardcore & Space Games". I coin that << ... It just so happens that Eve Online has so many of the little features and perks that I enjoy in a game and it's set in space (space doesn't exist, NASA is a lie) which is also cool. It's a sandbox game, if you know what that means, and believe it or not the local chats, for when you enter a system with your ship, it uses the XMPP protocol. I'm pretty sure anyways but may or may not have known that I build an XMPP chat server and I really enjoy XMPP. I can't check cuz this is not my network and I would need to capture packets. It uses port 5222 for the in game chatbox so I'm well assuming.

It just has pretty much every feature of a game that I would ever want. It's crazy because years ago when somebody showed me Astro Empires I was like, "WoW! This game is PERFECT!", and now with Eve? Yaman, I'm astounded at the fact that there's that, times 10. Eve is literally ten times the same effect to me. That's awesome that in my lifetime the good Lord would give me something so suitable and enough time to play it and learn it all. Praise Him.

If you knew how I am with stuff you'd know that I will bloody master it eventually. So expect me to come and blow u up in one shot hahaha, when you're not looking, or mashing the keyboard trying to run away lmfao. Actually at this time in Eve, with one of my alt characters, I have a corporation and it's a bad idea, diplomatically, to smash everybody as then I'd be making enemies, not friends and we don't have many members yet. You're welcome to check out my killboard here: Mary Macceo (CEO for my corp) and check out my corporation here: Macceo Engineering Co.. This game has a really stellar API to use for building outside services. Check out this: Dotlan Evemaps... What game, WHAT, has stuff like this? That allows outside API use of the actual game information? Especially at the extent that Eve does! That's seriously amazing. As well this game just turned 16 so it's been patched and updated/upgraded a million times and they have their shit down pat you know. Amazing game, no doubt about it, but if you don't like "pay to win" then you might as well go look at pictures here cuz you'd need to respect that this game is massive and sometimes you have to pay for a game to play it obviously.

I suppose this post won't actually end up being a good explanation about Eve Online for any prospective players. I can do that at a later time but right now my keyboard on this Dell Latitude E7470 is so damn nice you have no idea and I just want to ramble. That's why this is a rambling post. Nothing to see here.

Make a comment, engage with me, if u wish to. God speed and much love people of the world! cool.gif


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