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Just hangin out this happy Sunday. Lord's day of rest and I'm just lightly getting into my Laravel course on Udemy. Traffik - STATIK 002 - Point Break is my audio.

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Building sites free

When I was in high school som 15ish years ago my friend gave me an HTML4 book while another friend was showing me how to build websites in our programming class.  We were learning C++ and I was having a really hard time but my friend, Eddie was his name, showed me something that I could use with creativity rather than just function.  It was very convenient that my other friend gave me this book as well because it was about grade 10 that I had gotten my first WYSIWYG website on Yahoo GeoCities and soon went with I believe it was called tripod.

Tripod gave me a subdomain with ads, I hated the ads because they ruined my layout but it was cool to actually code my own website.  That's where I initially learned to build websites.

Life had taken a turn before I wasn't able to graduate.  People all told me in those time that computers was not a good job market, I ended up on the streets and discouraged.  Then I moved to another city and decided I wanted to ride freestyle BMX.

Years later a good long time friend of mine reintroduced me to my old love of computers by helping me learn a bit about Linux and some ethical hacking techniques.  It was then I realized all the very super awesome computer stuff I could do and I went for, and been for the last 3 years and many years after not getting to enjoy websites or computers for years in between.

It ended up that I needed a practical use for the things I was learning and I ended up building a website on a Linux VPS.


It wasn't much then, it still isn't.  It's a flag or an image representation of the only thing I could think I could build a site about (more like page I guess until I added the dock and gallery) which is Hardcore Rave, one of my biggest most favorite things.

I have self studied about Linux system administration, networking, computer science, webmastery and programming all myself with simply just the motivation from this one friend and that's it.  I haven't gone to school, not since high school, and I've even got two websites I'm building for a client!

One is a word press site hosted on a VPS ...

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